Homes with gardens required please

I have to relocate a colony of neutered cats since the last remaining field in the Msida Street where the cats currently reside is to be developed in the near future. Any persons who have a garden and are interested in providing a home kindly contact me please. All food and also anything else that […]

Cat for a home – 18th August 2014

Last Friday 15th August I found a cat at Marsascala near the Ex Presidents home and she have one leg cut out but she is recovered. Is it possible that you could collect her and find her a home? Thanks for your kind attention Jessica

Six kittens need homes

I am sending this mail as I would like to let you know that a stray cat had 6 kittens which she brought to my grandmother’s front garden and which we are looking after at the moment but would like to hopefully find them a home and maybe take the mother of them too as […]

2 persian cats for adoption

I have 2 cats which regretfully I have to give away for adoption since my work forces me to be abroad for long periods of time. One of them is pure persian with certificate and the other is a semi-persian. Both are very loving. The semi-persian is slightly timid and has been taking medication but […]